Artisans of the olive oil

Each drop of oil, a gastronomic piece of art.

Four generations of experience, family and proximity, from 1931 to 2023, producing Km. 0 oils of high quality and flavor

Oils from the 2022-2023 campaign


We are committed to offering you olive oil of the highest quality, taking care of every detail of the production process, from the harvest of the olives at their optimum point, until the moment the oil reaches your table.

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We love the territory and its people, which is why we are committed to using both our own-produced olives and olives from the peasants of the area to make our olive oil, thus guaranteeing maximum freshness, flavor and quality, while contributing to the development local economy.


Four generations endorse us. The history of olive oil production in our mill gives us a high degree of experience in the product and in the process. By using native olive varieties, we manage to honor our roots, as well as our passion for the unique flavor of olive oil.


Tradition and innovation hand in hand. We are aware of changes and new market trends, so we are constantly innovating to meet your needs and adapt to new times, without ever losing our artisan essence.

Our oils

Arbequina olive oils

Arbequina olive oil is an oil with a mild and delicate flavor, characterized by a fruity, sweet and slightly bitter aroma. Its color varies from pale yellow to light green, and it has a loose, smooth texture on the palate. This olive oil is made from the Arbequina olive variety, one of the most popular varieties and appreciated for its sweetness and aroma. It is ideal for salads, paellas, grilled meat and fish, as well as for toasts and other dishes in which you want to highlight the mild flavor of olive oil.

Verdiell olive oils

Verdiell olive oil is an oil with an intense and complex flavor, characterized by a fresh and herbaceous aroma. Its color is intense green and it has a denser texture than Arbequina olive oil. This olive oil is made from the verdiell olive variety, a native variety of Catalonia that is characterized by its resistance and its intense and bitter flavor. It is ideal for main dishes such as grilled meats, roasted vegetables, pasta and sauces, as well as to be eaten with bread or cheese.

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