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The process of olive oil

Farm the land

On earth is where it all begins. The work in the field consists of several processes that are carried out throughout the year in the olive trees. First of all, we plant new trees, and when they are a couple of years old, it’s time to prune, water, cultivate, etc. Purpose? May the tree grow healthy, strong and with lots of olives.


It’s time to collect results. It is in this step where the effort of the whole year is reflected. It consists of collecting all the olives that the trees have produced. Depending on the plantation, this task is carried out manually or with a specific machine.


The first phase of obtaining the oil in the mill. As soon as the olives are harvested, they are taken directly to the mill. The faster, the better, because that way they don’t lose any property. This is how we make sure that each batch of olives that enters is of excellent quality.

Olive washing

When the olives arrive at the mill directly from the field, they come with leaves and twigs. In this phase, the olives are separated from other elements with fans. Next, a water is passed to them and they are ready to be ground.

Grinding and extraction

The clean olives enter the mill. Here they are crushed with specific machinery and the pasta that comes out is centrifuged. With the centrifugation process, the oil is separated from the bone. Later, and by decantation, this oil is separated from the water.

We already have the oil made!

Filtering and storage

In this step, the oil goes to the buried deposits of the mill where it rests for a few days. In this way we get the impurities to go down and remain at the bottom. When the oil has replaced, it is filtered to finish removing the small impurities that may remain and we have oil ready to be bottled.


The oil is bottled as it is needed while it is not bottled, it rests in the tanks at a mild temperature and without light. This task is done manually with the help of a packaging machine, which we have tailored for the different types of packaging we have.

Sale and distribution

It’s time to share and sell our product. We take care that the freshly packaged oil reaches our customers’ homes, so that they can enjoy it to the fullest.

But we also have a store, come and see us, we will be delighted to welcome you!

This is how we make our oils

We take care of the process, we enjoy our work, we love our olive trees. This is how we obtain a high quality oil, 100% local km.0.