And who are we at cal Franquesa?

Our history

Who we are

Olis Franquesa is now four generations of a family business that, since 1931, has been uninterruptedly dedicated to the production, processing, bottling, sale and distribution of extra virgin olive oil from the arbequina and verdiell olive varieties, native and exclusive from our land, Urgell and Segarra.

What we do

Our objective is to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality, with olives produced on our own farms that we have conveniently adapted to irrigation, achieving a greater production volume and better fruit ripening. We also acquire a good part of the production of farmers from Urgell and Segarra. We want the path that goes from these olive groves to your kitchen or table to be as short, careful and natural as possible.

Arbequina olive oils

Variety of olive well known and appreciated. It has spread throughout the territory and plantations of it can be found all over the world. However, its origin is in the regions of Lleida, where there are many hundred-year-old plantations of this variety that result in a very fruity and sweet oil, which is very pleasing to most palates.

Verdiell olive oils

Very limited olive variety, since it is cultivated in very few places. In Urgell and Segarra there are a large number of trees that allow us to extract their oil, which has a unique aroma and flavor. The oil is thicker and has a more accentuated yellowish color than other varieties.

Where we do it

Our mill is located in the urban area of Tàrrega, the capital of Urgell, in the same place where our activity began almost 100 years ago and where today we continue to receive and grind the olives to transform them into the oil that we finally sell to our store or we send you to your home.

In the image you can see the mill of today, adapted to our current needs and technology, but if you come to meet us, you will be able to see the old stone mill that we still preserve, one of the few that remains standing and in perfect condition.

How we do it

Our art and expertise is to extract the oil from each olive in the best, fastest and healthiest conditions, using those cleaning, squeezing and grinding techniques that best maintain its freshness and original nature. In our case, they are the Arbequina and Verdiell varieties. The first is native to our area and the most numerous. With beautiful hundred-year-old specimens today surrounded by new plantations that ensure their productive growth. Verdiell’s significant presence in our area also allows us to extract and market an oil that many are unaware of today. Dense and complex, with a unique aroma, flavor and colour.

We have evolved over the generations but without ever losing our initial essence and with love for the work of our predecessors. We have conserved the old stone mill and presses and, even more, practiced the valuable knowledge of the trade that all of them transmitted to us. Since 1991 we have had a set of new machinery that makes it easier for us to obtain excellent oils, thus being able to assume a greater daily quantity of milled kilos and an oil of great purity and freshness.