Where do olives grow?

Olive trees and surroundings

Own production

The regions of Urgell and Segarra are historical olive oil production areas in Catalonia, with a long tradition in the culture of olive trees and the production of this precious liquid gold.

For this reason, we have large extensions of olive plantations for our own production, controlling and guaranteeing its process and quality.

Both regions are characterized by a continental Mediterranean climate, with cold winters and hot, dry summers, which provide an ideal climate for olive cultivation. The olive trees that grow in these lands are of native varieties, such as the Arbequina and the Verdiell, which are characterized by their resistance and their intense and complex flavor.

The olive trees in Urgell and Segarra are cultivated mainly on dry and stony land, although drop-by-drop irrigation is being incorporated into more and more plantations, which provide optimal conditions for root growth and fruit development. Local farmers have developed traditional techniques for growing and harvesting olives, which have been passed down from generation to generation, making it possible to obtain olive oil of great quality and flavor.

It should be noted that the production of olive oil in these regions is an activity that has been maintained over time, thanks to the passion and spirit of improvement of the peasants and producers and oil mills. The combination of tradition, passion and knowledge, with the use of modern and sustainable techniques, are the key to the production of high quality olive oil, which is appreciated throughout the world.

KM. 0

In the Urgell and Segarra regions, olive oil production is based on the KM. 0 concept, since the farmers bring the olives to our mill directly from their cultivation fields, thus guaranteeing the freshness and quality of the raw material. This practice also promotes sustainability and respect for the environment, by reducing CO2 emissions derived from transporting olives over long distances. In addition, the oil production process is carried out locally, promoting the economy of the area and the appreciation of native products. Thus, the consumption of olive oil produced in the Urgell and Segarra regions not only guarantees the quality and freshness of the product, but also promotes values such as sustainability, proximity and support for the local economy.